This time in nature between the end of winter and the first new harvest is sometimes called ‘the hunger gap’. Last year’s reserves are dwindling without a chance to renew them yet.

For ‘Vincents’, however, the past few weeks have been exceptional. We were excited to welcome Heston Blumenthal and his team at Vincents in the beginning of February, while last week we were visited by Andy Haylor, a fantastically erudite food critic who has dined in all 3* Michelin restaurants in the world.

Yesterday evening it also became clear that for the fourth consecutive year ‘Vincents’ has been voted the No1 restaurant in Latvia. The international jury of chefs, gourmands, restauranteurs and restaurant critics gave it the top spot at the annual Ekselence Restaurant Top 30 award. This year the award was supported by ‘Ekselence’, AirBaltic, ‘Gemoss’ and ‘Lielvārdes alus’ to all of whom I thank.

This award follows the recognition of White Guide Nordic 2017 in which ‘Vincents’ was named the best restaurant in the Baltic states.

Full credit for this success goes to my team - chefs, headed by Aleksandrs Nasikailovs, and waiters, headed by sommelier Raimonds Tomsons. They are willing to work hard, they love food, and serve it with pleasure as well as respect its quality deserves.

Thank you all who have passed the name of ‘Vincents’ from mouth to mouth! That is more important to me than a paid advertisement in some magazine.


Chef Martins Ritins


Photo: Juris Zīģelis, Kaspars Meinerts