(A Valentine’s Day cornucopia of aphrodisiacs, elixirs and more!)

Our favorite night of the year when Vincents pays homage to Aphrodite and Eros by laying on a feast fit for these gods. Vincents does Valentines like nobody else! You see, we have not forgotten Narsissus, god of self-love and vanity, so there is something for everyone tonight!

The menu is oysters, foie gras, snow crab, skate, pigeon and Paradise apple. Download menu>>

(I’ll let you flesh out what sort of oysters, drinks etc.)

Our goal is not only to satiate your five senses on this special night but also to lay the ground work for you to openly embrace the sixth sense - that of leaving our restaurant knowing what the other five are for, namely contentment, the main ingredient in Love.

Valentine’s is one of our busiest nights of the year; so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment. Call or write for a reservation - evita.brence@restorans.vincents.lv  or phone +371 29422446.