Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day at Vincents!

Precisely 75 years ago, 14th February, 1940, a young couple stood at the altar in Panemune-Budberga, Bauskas raj., and exchanged wedding vows that included the words ‘till death do us part’. They remained true to that vow.

Much later in the swinging 60’s, the Beatles sang ‘All you need is love! Love! Love! Love!

I’m not saying Genriks and Hermine Ritins were fans of the Beatles; I seem to remember they didn’t understand what all the fuss was about and why their 4 children abandoned the short, back and sides haircuts (or bowl, scissors and shears;  ‘if-it’s-good enough-for- your-father-it’s-good-enough-for-you-you-ungrateful-little-wretches’) for mop-cuts, but well before the other Fabulous Four came onto the scene, they knew and lived the truth of that song.

And so the sixties returns to Vincents this Valentine’s day on Saturday the 14th. We will be serving lots of love bathed in the glow of countless candles- with a handsome French (ok, French-looking) accordionist hired (nay, engaged) for the evening  to pull out even more stops that will romantically pull at your heartstrings.

On the menu: de rigueur oysters and pearls, caviar, Japanese wagyu, Pyrenese lamb, scallops, Dover sole and we will provide Amedei chocolate with Tonka beans, a girls best friend. You can provide the diamonds.

Raimonds Tomsons, our champion sommelier has selected a great wine pairing that  would even make Jancis Robinson blush with envy!

May this beautiful bounty make their way to your heart!

Reason enough for you to book Valentines at Vincents? It is one of our busiest nights of the year; so early booking is essential to avoid disappointment. And ensure success - nudge, nudge, wink, wink, know what I mean, know what I mean?

Call or write to Evita for a reservation.

*  Jancis Robinson - British wine critic, journalist and editor of wine literature.