Congratulations to Raimonds (Tommy) Tomsons.

It is an understatement to say that Latvia is not renowned for its viticulture. So how remarkable is it that last week at the ‘Best Sommelier of the World’ competition ‘our Tommy’ of Vincents Rīga, distinguished himself  and came through ridiculously difficult tests of sommelier-ship to bring back to Latvia the achievement of seventh place in the finals held in Argentina?

Sixty sommeliers from the best restaurants of New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Berlin etc, vied for this prestigious prize that over several days tested their skills in tasting, analyzing, practical service and knowledge.

In order to get to those heights of wine stewardship the nose, coupled with ones eyes and brain, has to be a virtual forensic laboratory! That, with encyclopedic knowledge of how food, wine, beer, spirits and all manner of beverages work in harmony ensures maximum satisfaction for the clients of his restaurant.

Tommy, we hope this extraordinary achievement doesn’t go to your nose! Cheers!