The Chef of the restaurant Vincents Martins Ritins, full of inspiration, impressions and emotions, returned from his longest holiday which he had during the last 20 years - from his trip to China and Japan. Now, Martins dedicates himself for 100% in the restaurant Vincents.

Small, known only to the local population dining places of China street food, the best restaurants in Tokyo, as well as shops and markets of fresh products. Previously unseen fruits and vegetables, the most famous products in the world - now in the restaurant, you can taste the tuna toro and Japanese Wagyu, but that's not all. Martins has decided to create a special Eastern menu especially for you - for our guests. Quite soon, we will inform you about this.

And this is not all, Martins was pleasantly surprised on the way home, when he opened the Lufthansa "Inflight magazine", he read that the restaurant Vincents is considered to be one of the best restaurants in Northern Europe!