Martins Feast, Martinmas, St. Martins Day at Vincents

If you were going to be a chef in Latvia, or anywhere for that matter, there is no better name to have embroidered on your white chef's jacket than Martins. This is because, the name is synonymous with feasting, and as we shall see, with drinking good wine.
The feasting at November the 10th and 11th, coincides throughout Christendom and pagondom with the state of livestock in general, and geese in particular. The harvesting season is over, the barns and pantries are full of food, and the geese are fat, juicy and in prime condition to head up the menu at this time of year.
The Martins goose is enjoyed all over Latvia, and on this Martins day we will have the 1st roast goose of the season.
If you would like to enjoy roasted goose please inform us about it by making reservation.

Martins probably originated as a Sanskrit word, according to our kitchen staff with access to Google. Martanda is an ancient Indian sun-god, and like Martins, is associated with the declining position of the sun in the sky.
Its when for instance Canadian geese fly south to escape the coming cold. Though, it must be pointed out that they no longer need to migrate, due to global warming. Those that do fly south are escaping the beheadings by the farmers and their wives.

Thus, like a bear eating meat against the winter, we also gorge ourselves at this feast. And we drink wine, for Martins was also associated with the earth god Dionysius, the god of wine and vegetation, who gave us wine for succour, not as a drug.
Our Sommelier Raimonds Tomsons would be pleased to recommend one, for whatever motivation, to enjoy with your Martins goose.
Oh yes, and if you see any weird animals late at night walking on their hind legs, do not be alarmed. It is all part of the pagan-like rituals that we still engage in, our equivalent of donning a costume for Halloween.