A new year means a fresh beginning. We invite you to the freshest start to 2015 possible in Riga. One of the planes flying into RIX on December 30 will be carrying a cargo destined for Vincents restaurant.

For years I have known many of the farmers whose farmed products I prepare and serve. I also personally know some of the Faroe Island fishermen whose fishing nets will provide the delicacies that will grace our tables extravagantly set for the last night of 2014.

Karrie dives into the cold, crisp waters of his North Atlantic sea beds and comes up with sea urchins. Eating one they say is ‘the Faroes in a bite. You will feel like you have just swallowed a storm’. It contains not only iodine, seawater, the winds and mists of the islands but also famously as the Japanese know, the gonads of the voracious, spikey little creatures. If not quite bursting, they contain legal amounts of the same euphoria-causing chemical that is a cousin to cannabis. Say no more.

So, blissfully moving on from this perfect start to a winter’s feast we’ll have not only the biggest but the best, the freshest and the purest. I’m referring to the internationally revered langoustine  from the archipelago that have been tempted into the cages of my dear friend Marni Gunnar. Firm-textured, smooth-flavoured, none match their size and taste as you will experience for yourself by indulging in the sweetest sashimi it is possible to eat.  Here we will serve the tails blanched for precisely ten seconds. Prepared on a bed of hot rocks, steamed with a Rose wine and accompanied by the langoustine bisque, they arrive at your table sprinkled with dried oregano from the island of Pantelleria (not a Faroe island).

These will be served with the possibly most award winning made by hand  pasta from the House of Campofilone*, garnished with a good dollop of our own House of Mottras Osertra caviar.

By popular demand we reintroduce foie gras from the small free range farm in Landaise where the farmer Robert Duperier has one of the best reputations for rearing his birds.

Back to the Faroes. Our salmon– grown in the wild from Hidden Fjord is reputably the best salmon in the world and represents the absolute epitome of quality and needless to say, is completely free of antibiotics and hormones. I know, I’ve been there. I was indoctrinated and fell for it, hook, line and sinker.

On our menu, the revered Cod of the Faroes** is sought after by the top chefs in the world and we are one of the few fortunate restaurants that receive it, flown in not shipped.

The only meat will squab. It tastes like dark chicken but is more tender and moist but if you insist, I’ll cook a small Wagyu fillet steak just for you!

Then, to finish the dinner, in honour of  the Faroes we will flame a Baked Faroe (not Alaska) table side and finish with Italian  Amedei chocolates made in our kitchen.



* Including the Good Egg Award from Compassion in World Farming.

** Not to be confused with the Gods of the Faroes, the Norns.  They are the Norse equivalent of the Fates who rule the destiny of gods and men and spin their thread at the foot of Yggdrasil, the tree of the world, reputedly elm, hopefully not Dutch but I don’t know where that grows. Or where they get the thread.

Sorry Happy New Year!

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