Iron Chef Returns!

January 20-24th.

blunos-portrait.jpg  ­

Martins is a Latvian chef, possessed of a colourful personality, born and raised in England, a TV star, has cooked for Queen Elizabeth II and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is most talented and very handsome (as you can see from the woodcut), resembling a cross between Rainis, Láčplésis and Obelix without the braids. And as you can see from the woodcut I’m not talking about myself.

The similarities end here, because this particular Martins I speak of is Martins Blunos who supports the world renowned Bristol City FC whilst I of course support the magnificent Arsenal FC.

Nonetheless the score so far is Blunos 2 : Ritins 0 because to be fair, Chef Blunos has 2 Michelin stars whilst chef Ritins has 0. 

Martins’ Michelin 2 stars were awarded for his first restaurant Lettonie in Bristol but when he moved to Bath to open his next restaurant BLUNOS his 2 stars followed him there. Nowadays he is one of the UK’s greatest chefs and is well known from his appearances on the Channel 4 series ‘Iron Chef UK’ and Australia’s most popular show Master Chef Australia.

For 2 nights only, these special dinners with the support from Bank M2M Europe will feature a third artist of the kitchen, Blunos’ young and talented sous chef from England, Tom Scade.  Together with the regular Vincents’ team the kitchen will be a humming hive of activity. With 3 chefs participating, it’s not easy to create a menu but we’ve done it. I hope this isn’t too confusing, but Martins will be presenting his interpretation of a classic British dish – Dublin Bay prawn. For our delectation, Tom will present one of his favourites – tartare of beef with oyster dressing. Martins will present his infamous boiled egg and soldiers. So far so good, the menu is coming together.  More difficult is what to have as the main dish? Even that has been solved harmoniously, most unusual because egos, one of the ingredients most artists have in common, is obviously missing from this collaboration. To celebrate this harmony we will be serving lovely, plump pigeon. Not ordinary ones. Ours are well behaved, like doves, the symbol of harmony.