Last week, my sous chef Reinis and I had what we can confidently state, was one of the most uplifting, exciting and educational weeks that we can remember.

Vágar, the Faroe Island’s airport has a spectacular approach but is one of the toughest places to land in the world. On landing, waiting for our luggage and our stomachs to resume their default positions we emerged from customs to be greeted by our friend and host, Marni Gunnar, the local fishmonger.

The 18 islands that comprise the Faroe archipelago are situated in the heart of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic about 350 km northwest of Scotland, halfway between Iceland and Norway.

Some of the world’s finest raw produce has recently been ‘discovered’ here and has been highly praised by leading gourmet chefs including The world’s current top restaurants No.1 El Celler de Can Roca in Spain. and No. 2 Rene Redzipe`s NOMA of Copenhagen.

However, the quantity of produce harvested is limited and accounts for the reason why distribution of this nature’s treasure trove has so far been reserved for the exclusive club of resident islanders and the intrepid gourmet visitor (epicurist tourist). 

On land, the high quality can be attributed in part to the slow growing conditions created by the cold climate, where the vegetation at it’s leisure is able to draw all the nutrients from the earth on the steep mountain slopes before being eaten by the fussy, discriminating, gourmand sheep.

In the surrounding seas, the shellfish, Norway lobster, salmon and cod  are among the best to be found and much sought after by the world’s Michelin elite establishments.

The domestic animals are unique as a result of 1,200 years of isolated breeding and thus many are found nowhere else in the world. Faroese lamb is by far the best I have ever tasted. Soon to appear on our menu.

Vincents wishes to share the treasures of the Faroe Islands, otherwise why would I be telling you all this?  We have our first of live langoustines, Sea-urchins, wild raised salmon and cod at Riga RIX via Vagár VAE.

This is true Nordic cuisine with a twist, up there with the best in the world.

Courtesy of Marni!