Now you can lower your gaze when confronted with the restaurant’s wine list, quickly past the ‘house wines’, lower, past the medium price range which you would normally study in greater detail and down, down to where the Grand and Premier Cru’s Superiors etc., etc., are  listed, the ones you wistfully might just glance at before being jerked back into reality. But this time, stay your gaze, let it linger longer and call the sommelier for further enlightenment - because times have changed!

Keeping its finger on the pulse of the very latest innovations in viniculture, Vincents is the first restaurant in Latvia to offer its clients the oportunity to delight in sampling these rare wines using the Coravin 1000 system.   

Using Coravin 1000, our guests will be able to enjoy Chefs Martins tasting menus paired with particularly elite and prestigious wines from our cellars - by glass - without  having to purchase the entire bottle! 

This unique system allows you to access, pour and enjoy your favorite, or dreamt-of wines, by glass, without opening the bottle, leaving the remaining precious liquid well and truly sealed. This remarkable innovation ensures the integrity and quality of the wine for future tasting. The wine left in the bottle does not oxidize but continues its natural aging process, completely unnafected, undisturbed  and blissfully unawareit has been violé. Bacchus would approve!

As for every product, wine or food in our restaurant, this wine tasting system and presentation has its own story; our award-winning sommeliers Raimonds Tomsons  and Kaspars Reitups will be happy to share this with you.

We invite you to come with us on this wine tasting adventure!