You don’t have to have a Gallic nose to appreciate our aristocratic champagne.

When visiting a good restaurant, there is an unwritten, subconscious check-list one goes through before, during and after the experience. You are expecting a friendly and smiling host, you cast a critical eye at the interior and perhaps your fellow diners. No doubt you have arrived with an appetite but even that should be stimulated with an apéritif, so it must be selected by the chef and sommelier with care and in some way it should say something about the personality of the restaurant. That is only the start of the list.

For a long time we have been looking for a champagne that could show and reflect the same style of perfection, quality, history and personality what we at Vincents have been striving to achieve for twenty years. And voila!

Allow us the pleasure of introducing you to the Diebolt-Vallois champagne house. Small, family owned, it is run by Jacques Diebolt and Nadia Vallois who do have Gallic, aristocratic noses, which helps in the craft they were undoubtedly born to. They are ably assisted by their children Arnaud and Isabelle who inherited the noses and will one day inherit the estate. The beautiful estate on the hilltop is located in the Grand Cru commune of Cramant. With its chalky soils, it is regarded as one of the best terroirs for the Chardonnay variety. Made entirely from the vines of Grand Crus Co^te des Blancs, our specially selected cuvée is the Prestige Blanc de Blancs. It boasts great structure and fine creamy bubbles that take you on a journey that starts delicately but becomes dramatic in its intensity and breadth, creating exceptional inner-mouth energy with a very long finish. So stimulating, so romantic!

 And the fact, that this special cuvée is available only in our restaurant, makes it even more special and prestigious. So, as you sip your apéritif you may ask- what took you so long to discover it? I would answer with just a Gallic shrug of the shoulders; not inherited, but naturally acquired after 40 years in the restaurant business.