I wonder what Cecilia Tessieri dreams about most nights? Is her whole life immersed in it, both her waking and sleeping hours?

I'm sure it could well be because for eight consecutive years Amedei her Tuscan chocolate manufacturing company has won the ‘Golden Bean Award’ for its chocolates at The London Academy of Chocolate

When Cecelia daydreams does she dream of white chocolate? At night, is her chocolate dark and if she has nightmares, does she dream of her truffles?

Cecilia has a dream job. She is the first female master chocolatier in the bean to bar category of artisanal chocolate making. She makes, tastes and sells chocolate for a living. But not any kind of chocolate.

She’s already caught the attention of chocolate aficionados around the globe after creating the worlds ‘most expensive chocolate’. Her Porcelana is described as the Champagne of chocolate.  Now she’s coming to Vincents in Riga.

We are both passionate about good food, wine and most all – chocolate. Next week, on Thursday, 28th February we are creating a special dinner pairing. Amedei chocolate with foie gras, scallops, risotto, pigeon and finishing the evening with a big bang – a Chocolate Explosion. Raimonds Tomsons, our sommelier has had the envious task of matching the food and chocolate with some great wines. One wonders what he'll be dreaming about.

Think you are too busy to make this date? Too much to do? Put 'eat chocolate' at the top of your to-do list. That way you'll get at least one thing done on Thursday.

Cecillia is creating something very different. She takes chocolate to the same sort of level as fine whiskies and wines, in terms of

the approach to its creation and its marketing.

Consider: Amedei’s latest limited-edition product. “Blanco de Criollo is 70% dark chocolate and consists of a rare blend of Peruvian cocoa with aromas of wild berries and wild mushrooms, alternated with a hint of dried plum and toasted almonds. Finally, the delicate trace of liquorice helps to enhance the aroma.

The description could easily come from the tasting notes of a single malt Scotch or a rare wine. Cecelia's company is breaking new ground: it offers a range of ‘monoorigin’ products, with chocolate made from cocoa beans sourced from one location, rather than a blend. .

Amedei was set up over 20 years ago, with the aim of producing chocolate without compromise. The quality of ingredients are so important, especially the cocoa beans – that’s why it is more expensive than others.

But just as wine and whiskey connoisseurs know, cost will not save you from becoming obsessed and addicted. That's why there will be a Chocoholics Anonymous group in Riga formed after the 28th. It too will have a 12 step program. Never be more than 12 steps away from chocolate!

Here follows yet another hint of what you could become addicted to. Amedei produces 120 varieties of chocolate, with cocoa sourced from Trinidad, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Jamaica and Madagascar.

 If you have never sinned, or don't know how, book a table at Vincents and we'll show you how. They say that once you have consumed (the best) chocolate, chocolate consumes you. Vincents, like the Church welcomes sinners. And now is as good a time as any to confess my sins. When I was young my mother confronted me and demanded to know why there was only one chocolate bar left in the larder where she had hidden two. I was castigated when I replied that it must have been too dark for me to see the other one. One suffers for one's art.