Autumn taste treats at Vincents

Libra has came into our lives and our horoscope. That is also my astrological sign!  And  autumn officially has arrive and our menu changes to reflect the fall season.  

A season that is a time of bounteous fecundity, a time of 'mellow fruitfulness'.
Here are some autumnal taste treats from the Vincent’s menu exemplifying this ‘mellow fruitfulness’

 Very Wild Baltic Sea Salmon
While there are six known species of salmon, there is a seventh kind to be avoided. That is the farmed salmon raised in hatcheries. These fish do not quite measure up to the wild salmon, which lead simply amazing lives. Much like wine is judged by blind tasting, so too are fish, though it may not be quite as salubrious or popular an occasion as the former.

   Elk – Also Wild
Grilled saddle of this season’s elk is served with nice sharp slowly roasted plum flavoured with heather honey, garlic and rosemary and served with a hazel nut crust.

Pumpkin and Melderis chèvre agnolotti
Pumpkin and chevre
agnolotti prepared with piedmont hazelnuts and parmesan cheese. It could qualify as the eighth wonder of the world.

With season greetings, Chef Martins