Aleksandrs is a 29-year-old acclaimed and professionally renowned chef with exceptionally high culinary skills.  His passion and creativity has been the driving force to integrate exciting new dishes on to the menu card that are both exciting and offer the perfect dining experience. During an eleven year career at “Vincents” Aleksandrs has transformed the kitchen to deliver first class gourmet & haute’ dishes that have secured Vincent’s reputation as a premier restaurant within the Baltic States.  From a very early age, Aleksandrs obtained a fine pedigree for cooking by learning from his grandfather who was a fine chef during the war years.  Naturally, the bright talent followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and became a sought after chef serving in UK, Danish and Scandinavian restaurants.

Aleksandrs Nasikailovs:   Maestro

Aleksandrs is extremely grateful to his teacher Mārtiņš Rītiņš, who taught him the important lessons of persistence and patience.  The unique ideas of Mārtiņš Rītiņš were both challenging and rewarding but tested the skills and emotions of his kitchen staff.  However, what once seemed impossible ideas became creative and amazing dishes.  Alekandrs believes he learned how to persevere with ideas; never to stop finding solutions: either do things or do not do at all. 

Aleksandrs Nasikailovs:  Explorer

In his quest to bring the world’s best flavour to his kitchen, Aleksandrs travelled extensively to many of the world’s leading restaurants, including many listed in the Top World’s 50 Best Restaurants.  During this time, he explored how technology and innovation can contribute in creating unique and fantastic creations. The lessons he learned during his travels allowed him to blend the tastes of locally available products with the artistic nuances of international cuisine.

Aleksandrs Nasikailovs:  Leader

The “Vincents” restaurant holds a permanent and prominent place in Alekandrs' heart. Boosted by his bold culinary ideas, the kitchen "mechanism" of the "Vincent’s" restaurant gives momentum to all the other key processes as regards food, the way it is served to guests and the art of gastronomic performance.

This new vision is both an individual and team based opportunity.

In Aleksandrs' opinion, the teambuilding principle is the factor that multiplies achievements. As he succinctly states ‘I've learned that when it comes to management, one has to be able to convert creativity to rigidity and discipline, creating a balanced mixture, much alike with food ingredients.’  As a prominent achievement, Aleksandrs proudly emphasizes the title of the best restaurant in the Baltic States, awarded by the prestigious restaurant guide White Guide Nordic 2017, which was a result of cooperative efforts of the entire "Vincent’s" team.

Aleksandrs Nasikailovs:  Dreamer

The Head Chef of the "Vincents" restaurant believes that the modern cuisine lacks structure, so the classic dishes will remain to be infused with a touch of newly introduced culinarytrends. He draws his culinary ideas from visual associations of various items, the taste memories from his childhood and the taste combinations he invented himself.

Raimonds Tomsons and Aleksandrs Nasikailovs: "Sommelier + Head Chef"

The new tandem of the “Vincents” restaurant, its Head Sommelier and its Head Chef with a new auspicious concept of "wine + food", is a new dawn for the hospitality industry in Latvia. The cooperation between Raimonds Tomsons and Aleksandrs Nasikailovs is guaranteed to produce a radically new concept to the “Vincents” restaurant. Guests are going to have the opportunity to taste wines recommended by the sommelier to find a perfect combination with the wide choice of food offered by the creativity of the Head Chef.  A key aspect here is to discover the very essence of a combination between wine and food, to make one revel in the complete delight of taste!