If you are passionate about France and French Cusine, you don’t have to have a famous French nose to access French cuisine and wine. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Riga was known as the Paris of the north. It wasn’t because of the architecture or the churches – it was because of the nightlife, fashion, restaurants and bars.

Most Latvians associate French cuisine with the Walt Disney movie Ratatouille. That is all going to change this week.

For a second successful year, Restaurant Vincents, as well as 14 other restaurants in Riga will participate in a special event created to honor “The French Taste -  Gout de France”.  The French Ambassador to Latvia, Stepane Visconti and the Director of the French Institute in Riga, Gilles Bonneevoalle, will launch the celebration, a tradition headed by Alain Ducasse and over 1,000 chefs in 5 continents designed to tickle your taste buds with Local French cuisine and French wines.

The kick-off starts on Monday, 21st March at the French Embassy and Restaurant where we will present one of Frances most famous and stunning dishes - Canard à la Press.

Vincents all this week will have a special French tasting menu – as well as the   - Canard à la Press.