Traditionally, in June strawberries mark the arrival of the summer. Unfortunately today, so called strawberries appear in the shops in all 4 seasons, with the help of plastic Polly tunnels and jet planes. Like most soft fruits, strawberries are best eaten soon after they have been picked. The best strawberries are of course from your local farmer, the season is so short, so beware, Watch out for the unscrupulous sweet babushka in the market trying to con you into buying strawberries from a cousin of Walensa near Krackow or a uncle of Carlos in Spain and passing them off as home grown.

Did you know seventeen fungicides and sixteen insecticides are needed to produce a fresh Spanish commercial strawberry? Supermarkets, the real villains driving the strawberry train, will only buy strawberries grown under cover and of uniform shape, size and variety. Not green with envy but picked green for transport.

"Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did." From this we might glean that Samuel Butler was speaking some time before the rise of the insipid supermarket strawberry, that annual disappointment to anyone old enough to remember the good old days.

As home-grown strawberries start to swell and ripen it seems frivolous to attempt to surpass the traditional combination of strawberries and cream, however some have tried creating all sorts of concoctions. I will still stick to the good old ones as strawberry sundae, Knickerbockers glory's and Eaton's mess. Want to try them and find out the best way for you to enjoy this short season of THE Berry come to Vincent's summer terrace.

Here at Vincents, you can enjoy Pimms, Sangria and Margaritas with real strawberries, Martinelli cheese with strawberries, yes, and strawberry fields… forever…

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