It is New Year here in Riga and new menu at restaurant Vincents. One of our novelties is whole field pigeon baked in a salt pastry crust with pommes galette and foie gras - Carved at the table.

There are several species of pigeons. Not all of them are eatable. Especially those who live in our streets (I call them flying rats) or are named as endangered species in Red book..

One of world’s famous delicacies is field pigeon. There is one couple living in my garden in Baltezers. Squab – name comes for Scandinavia and means young pigeon. Nowadays pigeons are gown in farms and they are considered to be one of most delicate and tasteful delicacies with old traditions in old ancient Greek and Roman times. Back then pigeons were fed with milk like world famous Bresse chickens.  During middle times in Spain it was very popular to organize pigeon hunting, as the meat was so rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

Meat is dark but very delicate, I recommend wrapping breast in bacon to avoid it to dry out.

Many Michelin star chefs and restaurants choose to serve pigeons in their menus. If talking about wine pairing meat is very alike like partridge, only a bit darker and with more intense taste. It matches with good Shiraz form Barossa or Chile Apalta. If you prefer white wines pigeon will match with oked Chardonnay or maybe it is time to take out of cellar Australian Hunter Valley Semillion.

Here you can see how pigeon is prepared at restaurant Vincents. /en/topicalities/video/?videoplayer_id=118