The restaurant “Vincents” is located in the embassy district and is widely known as one of the best restaurants in the Baltics.

Upon entering the Restaurant, the first room you see is the bar and aperitif, or the Lounge, a place for enjoy cocktails and appetizers before dinner. The new interior is characterized by its white colour, but the main accent is placed on detail and lighting. The space is fitted with white leather “Natuzzi” sofas and small tables for appetizers. Seating in this room is divided by dynamic groups of columns, which associate with the exotic nature of bamboo. The farthest wall features a decorative, dark double-mirrored wall (Cappellini, Yuki), which is made up of 36 dimensional and modular “snowflakes”. Three vases decorate the centre of the room; they also function as lighting.

Following the first room is a second smaller, more private restaurant gallery, which is separated by shiny, steel columns covered with "objective" graphics.

In the largest gallery of the restaurant, behind green, matte glass panels, hide linear chains of LED lights that give off a powerful and saturated light and create a colour-changing effect, which is complimented by the motif of the flower graphics.

Interior design created by Vincents Architects.


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